one relaxing week around the nest- waterlogue style | olive june

one relaxing week around the nest- waterlogue style

-i read a book this week- 
i honestly can't remember the last time that has happened
i absolutely loved wedding planning
{mine in june 2013 and my sister's- just two weeks ago}
however, almost every single moment of down time
was usually consumed by planning, researching, or scheduling something 
relaxing this week = a breath of fresh air. 
here are some photos from the week 
i used the awesome app 'waterlogue' to turn them into watercolors 
the view from our front porch
all about some flower crown love lately

an anthropologie volcano candle and some she and him tunes
relaxing with a latte
our front walkway - the leaves are falling.

head on over to mary's amazing blog- eat, drink, and be mary

for my guest post and a monogrammed clutch gift giveaway 

...all are welcome to enter…

she is so wonderful to collaborate with - seriously, adore you!
also completely adoring all of you who have stopped by simply love today 
who have commented with sweet little notes- thank you!
so glad to have you here- welcome.
only about one week left before our october book club discussion 

off to my 'real life' book club now… get reading and let's talk soon!

hope your week is going well! 


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    1. thank you so much, ashley ;) hope you're well and i appreciate you stopping in…