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oh hey. friday! | what it means to be a sister

because you see, Jess isn’t just my sister…she’s my best friend and one of the most important people in my life. i feel so incredibly lucky to have been blessed with a little sister and in honor of her special day, here are my top five- what it means to be a sister. 
a sister is…
one. a built-in best friend-- an ally for life: not only do i have a sister, i have a friend for life. no need to worry about who would be my maid of honor at my wedding or who will be my first child’s godmother; life has thankfully already built that special person into my life, and it’s my little sister. i couldn’t be more grateful. she protects me, is always there for me, and is my laugh until we cry partner. 
my 25th birthday in charlotte- LOVED that week. 

two. the first person you text or call when something good (or bad) happens: my sister is one of the absolute first people i want to talk to when something big happens in my life, no matter if the news is positive or negative. i know she’ll be there to support me either way and will almost always pick up. 
three. a sounding board: if i ever need advice, need to vent or just need to share a story, she is always there to listen, commiserate or celebrate. she’s that one person i know i can always go to for an unbiased opinion. well, maybe not completely unbiased…she does, after all, take my side quite a lot. but she also provides lots of solid advice and guidance, just like a sister should.
four. someone who knows all your little quirks and still loves you anyway: i’m sure she could list a dozen of them and i could definitely name a few of hers, but regardless, we embrace all of each other’s unique qualities. that’s the beauty of being a family and that’s what makes our relationship so special and irreplaceable.
five. forever. simply put, a sister is forever. no matter where we end up in life, whether we’re near or far from each other (though it better be near soon!) having a sister means having a bond that truly can never be broken.  

we love our little brother, alex, too. so much. 
this photo sums us all up.
the night before my wedding- june 2013 
and here we are again, rehearsal time!! 
Do you have a sister or a sibling that you’re extremely close to? Share what the relationship means to you in the comments below  
happy wedding weekend, jess and bassey! 
photo by heather roth photography
also, love my other two sisters - we grew up in one another's backyard and i look at them both as sisters
excited to spend this weekend with my second family as well
the ternasky family: 

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  1. This makes me wish I had a sister. Happy wedding weekend to your sis!! :)

    1. awe- thank you so much, amy! it was so wonderful!!!! hope you're well- xo