oh hey. friday! | thank your body | olive june

oh hey. friday! | thank your body

self compassion is simply giving ourselves the same amount of love that we would give others. 
 over the past few years, i started the journey of trying to live a healthier lifestyle
{with some splurging - or 'yolo' as my friend, anna, loves to call it- simply love her- there is no one else i would rather spend 40+ hours a week with- her laughter is something i look forward to daily- along with her love for life- all the time.}
i think it's important to stop, reflect, and recognize our worth
-to try and look at the bright side of everything-
our health, our ability to love others, and the chance to give back
today i am looking sharing five ways to love ourselves more
five ways to thank our bodies.
one: show gratitude
 life is all about the little things- the simple things. the everyday ordinary times that make us stop in the moment. a sunrise, a gentle snowflake, the lips of a child sleeping. whenever i start to lose gratitude, i think about Jesus and everything that he has given me. i believe that showing people you are appreciative and thankful are so very important. personally, it is hard for me to connect and bring people into my life who are not gracious and appreciative. even when life is hard- i try to remember that every heartache and every headache is His way of showing me to be grateful for every blessing.
two: don't let others define your worth.  
i give you permission to thank your body and to love yourself. stop comparing yourself to other women- women in your life, women online, friends, acquaintances, role models. you are YOU - be proud. i feel like i have always tried to use social media to share with others and to get inspired- those who are 'annoyed' or get jealous or think it's about 'bragging' - have social media completely wrong in my opinion - and honestly, this is hard for me to understand. be you... be who you were meant to be - post what makes you happy- in a way that makes you happy. share and inspire. the negativity is drowning and i feel that the minute we start comparing ourselves to others, we fall prey to the illusion of perfection. give yourself permission to be imperfect- you are beautiful. and it's way more interesting this way anyway.
three: play
let go. be creative and go play. this varies based on each individual. words, images, and designs coming together is the way i love to play- esp. with a great pandora station in the background and a delightful candle burning. for most, it is all about balance and i believe that if something is important to you- you will find the time. you are worth it and you deserve this time. what makes you come alive? what makes you lose track in the time and brings you back to the heart of living? ... always try to live out loud.

four: let your faith be bigger than your fears.
remember that you are not alone. go out and take chances. live your life in ways that others won't - so that someday you can live the way others can't. take risks. and more than anything- forgive others in the process -- not necessarily because they deserve it {although it's so important} but because you deserve peace. 
five: love you. 
at the end of the day, i am afraid that we will look back and realize that we spent way too much time hating our bodies and not enough time loving one another... and most importantly, loving ourself. going along with this- please stop worrying about getting old - chances are- you aren't :) live in the moment. embrace where you are right now and treasure it. some of my peers have been complaining about 'being old' since about 27… honestly, i have never understood this- the way i see it, we are not old <3 ... life is a beautiful journey and i am trying to take in every step along the way.
my 30's have been different than my 20's
 {i am definitely glad i lived it up during this incredible decade. so glad. it was amazing.}
 but they haven't been worse- these years are just different- and in many ways, even better.
at the end of the day,
-thank your body-
you are so worth it.
how do you 'thank your body?'

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have a wonderful day and weekend!


  1. Happy Friday! I really love your message here. I hope you get a lot of readers because I think everyone can get something out of it.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Love your post....very wise words! It only gets better the next decade!

    1. Thank you so much and I am excited for the next decade… I have heard that from several people :) Yay!! I appreciate you stopping in and have a great weekend!

  3. Great post. One of my favorite little things are baby lips :) My little man was sleeping on me yesterday and I couldn't stop snuggling and kissing him.

    1. <3 awe… this is precious! i love this… and thank you so much! loving your blog!

  4. Beautiful post! I have found lately that really being thankful for those small things that make life good is so important. It's not always easy to see those little bits of goodness, but if you look hard enough life is full of them!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much, Jenna~ I totally agree… it can be so hard but I try my best- esp. to be thankful.

  5. I love all of these -- especially number four!!

    1. thank you so much, darcy! excited to check out your blog as well… so glad you enjoyed!