oh hey friday! | my month through instagram | olive june

oh hey friday! | my month through instagram

oh hey. friday!
--an instagrammable month--

yesterday i did a guest post for mary- over at eat, drink, and be mary

which also inspired my oh hey. friday for this week


over the past year, i have grown to absolutely love {love} instagram for so many reasons… it's become a place of daily inspiration, a place for friendships/networking, and a place to document one of my favorite things in life- photos.
i feel like life is precious- so i blog. 
i blog to document the simplicity, the beauty, the power of living every single day to the fullest.
most of my blog consists of photos that i either take or photos that inspire me…
therefore, i have decided to share some of my instagram photos from this past month with you all!
here are my five favorite things to share through insta:
one: quotes, notes, and simple inspirations:
sometimes we all just need a little friendly reminder, right?
two: daily activities around the nest
cooking at home 
we are currently building a new home
here is an inspiration 
three: happenings around my city- esp. coffee, books, and cafes
a pumpkin spice on a crisp autumn day- loving my new handmade wrap from etsy
four: recipes and treats
an easy and delicious corn and bean dip
five: outfit details 
thank you all for following along and for taking the time to look
 through my month-- through insta. 
and what i simply love. 
i would also love to follow one another on instagram 

looking ahead, i was thinking...
how fun would a monthly instagram link-up be?

maybe on the 29th of every month?

we can share our month through insta photos and then link up and share with one another?

comment below if you are interested and i might work to get something started soon...

have a wonderful day!!
linking up with my two favorite farm gals and friends:

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