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j & b wedding week {part three}

inspiration board #2 
for our wedding in june of 2013- 
the now groom, bassey, introduced us to the most amazing app
-the wedding party app-
we all know i love a good app
but i really love this one. 

it's designed SO well. 

all of your guests can go on:
- to receive all event info
-they pick a team - team jessica or team bassey 
and put how they know the bride and groom in their profile 
- throughout the wedding, the guests can upload photos- sharing the wedding from their point of view
- all photos are put in order from when they were taken 
- you can also add engagement, shower, bachelor/bachelorette, and a trip down memory lane photos

i just love it.
and recommend for your upcoming weddings 

love my dad- the father of the bride!

we had almost 400 photos taken from our wedding and uploaded- loved looking at them the next day!! 

can't wait to see the photos from this week/weekend on jess and bassey's site!! 

off to st. louis … meet me in st. louis everyone! 

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