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j & b wedding week {part one}

my little sister is getting married one week from today…

in honor, i am going to devote this week to blogging about some of the events that have taken place over their engagement, along with some trips down memory lane

she's my favorite person in the world- my greatest earthly blessing.

jess- so excited for you and bassey- the definition of true love.

she was the BEST maid of honor
this morning i enjoyed an absolutely perfect fall morning in charlotte 
while running errands, i stopped in at bruegger's for a pumpkin brew
the wonderful smell alone-- reminds me so much of my sister's
 first visit to charlotte in the fall of 2007
it was a trip i will never forget
i was already so in love with charlotte and everything about that trip/fall 
is so clear in my mind- def. thought of her 
and the memories we made that fall weekend. 
here is a photo i took this morning of our porch:

… my co-worker and friend, caity, told me about this sentimental idea - thank you so much.

the night before my wedding, my sister and i jumped on the bed in the hotel room and my dad and bassey took some photos… just like when we were little girls. 
we shared a room until i was a sophomore in high school 
even though it wasn't what WE always wanted-
i am so glad that we {were forced} did. 
the memories are endless.. 
i decided to share them with you all today:

some of our action shots can't be shown… 
want to keep this PG!! 

she's always been such a lovable, fun, life of the party ham - gal 
the end. 

love you more than words, sister 
my first friend (mom and dad don't count) -- my forever best friend. 
happy wedding week to you and bassey!!
lastly, happy national taco day 
from one of our favorite sister spots in cincinnati - and now in charlotte too :)
go try this place- if you haven't already- and order lots of fun tacos- and a sangria. 


  1. this is so sweet! I don't have a sister, and while I don't think I missed much by not having one, your post makes me kind of wish I did. also, Bakersfield = delicious. we have it here in Indianapolis, too! happy wedding week to your sister!

    1. Hi! We met the owner of Bakersfield in Charlotte- he was telling us about the one in Indy- so fun! Such a nice guy! Thanks for the post - I am blessed to have such a great one <3 Thank you so much - it should be fun!! xo

  2. What a blessing to have a sister like her! I really love your blog, Nelle! Have a wonderful pre-wedding week:)
    Daisy | Simplicity Relished

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for your sweet post- it means so much to me! :) We will have fun and yes, such a blessing!! xo

  3. This is the sweetest post. I love the pictures of y'all jumping on the bed. Adorable! And that pumpkin is just perfect; I wish there was a Target closer by.

    1. thank you so much, Mary! :) we had a lot to fun!

  4. So sweet! Congrats to your sister on her upcoming wedding!!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest post! Congrats to your sister!