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honeymoon travel essentials

as many of you know
my sister married her perfect partner for life 
on october 11, 2014 in st. louis 
as her sister, 
i compiled a list of honeymoon packing suggestions and essentials 
to help her pack for the much anticipated 'mini moon' 
they are planning a more elaborate honeymoon for later this winter
as a bride, there are always so many things going on…
so here are my suggestions regarding what to pack for the trip
including advice for any bumps in the road/an overnight stay 
at chicago o'hare 
unfortunately, most of us, have probably experienced this. 
i created these two inspiration boards for ideas: 

honeymoon travel
honeymoon travel {part one- click for more details}
honeymoon travel
honeymoon travel {part two- click for more details}

1. Don't Wait Until the Last Minute: The week before your wedding will be busier and can be more stressful than expected. Try and plan out exactly what you should bring prior to the week of your wedding. Once you book your plans, start to layout the essentials, clothing needs, and extra items far in advance. You will thank yourself later… and you will be able to enjoy your wedding week more with loved ones. 

2. Accessorize: In the words of Olympia Dukakis in the film Steel Magnolias, “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” Try to pack as light as possible, but bring accessories that you love- accessories that make you feel beautiful. 

source- etsy print
3. Pack in a Common Color Scheme: This also helps you pack lightly and creates lots of options! However, a fun, bright, red dress is always a good idea. 

4. Documents Prepared and Ready: In a folder, keep all of your airline ticket confirmations, passport, driver’s license, hotel and contact information. Put this in the front of your carry-on for easy access. {Divide your cards and cash so each of you have equal amounts in case someone loses their half!} *Label your luggage carefully- how cute are the Mr. and Mrs. tags above<3 

5. Camera and an Extra Battery: My sister and I both love our photos … and your honeymoon is such a special trip... so be extra prepared with a back-up - just in case! 

A Bump in the Road? 
Things to make sure you have~ especially for any travel delays: 
contact case/glasses {if needed}, deodorant, reading materials, a phone charger, make-up remover, cash {you know when you have ten minutes to catch a layover and a vending machine is the quickest option to quench your thirst}, necessary prescription medicine, some yummy snacks that you both love {hot tamales for my husband and I and sour patch kids for these newlyweds}, a toothbrush, extra socks, and a travel blanket/cardigan for chilly airport stays/plane rides are my recommendations! 

Lastly, I highly recommend using RelayRides, which is based on peer-to-peer car rentals. Here is more information for you on their airport rentals, which is a fantastic initiative that helps people make and save money while traveling. I love this convenient idea of a shared economy- the prices are very low {as low as $25 a day} and in return, you can make thousands of dollars a year by renting out your car. Such a great concept. You should definitely consider downloading their app (available on iPhones and on Androids) 
and check out this company in your city… 
They are very friendly and love to help newlyweds travel! :)
*follow them on facebook for more information and for lots of fabulous travel advice and info*

I truly hope you found this post helpful- esp. if you are a soon-to-be bride! 
best wishes to you and happy packing
mr. and mrs. before the sparkler exit and surprise carriage ride from the parents of the bride
safe travels to all newlyweds!!


  1. Not waiting until the last minute is such a good tip..I packed the week of and forgot SO many things!

    1. :) so important! hope you're well and thank you again for sweet comments <3 xo

  2. Aww, what an exciting time for your family to gain a new member! When flying on airplanes, it's good to be prepared for delays (and funny, I've been delayed at O'hare, too...)

  3. Nice list! I would add a fresh t-shirt. Something about putting on something clean and cool even in the midst of a dirty airport that makes everything feel right again. Congrats to the newlyweds and to your family!

  4. Such great tips and advice! I'd include patience and understanding! Things can and will go wrong so it's best to let it go and not dwell on it because you want to enjoy your time together! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  5. I love posts with tips like these! The travel day items are all great advice

  6. Hi I'm visiting from the Peony Project! This is a great list! I really love the images and how you organized it. You have a beautiful blog - I'm excited to start following along!

  7. Great post! With the rush of preparing for the actual wedding, many couples often rush to pack for their honeymoon, forgetting items they need back home. So this definitely comes in handy!


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