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dear younger self

such a beautiful day here- simply perfect. 
hope you are getting out and falling in love with today. 
sometimes i think back to my younger self - especially my early 20's… frightening to think about in some ways. i would love to be able to go back and talk to her and share with myself everything i have learned along the way  but i guess i had to be that foolish and make those mistakes to help me grow and to help me get to where i am now. 
i think as people we never stop learning, i am only 31 and i know i have so so much left to learn, but i thought i would share today some things i've learned so far that I would tell my younger self first off- it's alright to be independent and you should be. step one. 
life lessons i would tell my younger self:
1. care less what others think you can decide whose opinions matter to you 
2. adjust your expectations life never pans out how you expect, so stay open to anything and everything- being open-minded has opened my mind to the world and has given me more peace and serenity. 
3. choose your friends wisely: those who bring negativity into your lives- let them go. pick people who challenge you to become a better person and invite them into your life. 
4. be kinder to yourself: because you’re awesome.
5. pick your battles sometimes it’s better just to let things go and save your energy to fight for the things that really matter to you
6. take better care of your skin and body- stop sleeping in your makeup, wash your face twice a day, and spend a little extra money on it. workout and eat right. you will feel amazing.  
7. complain less staying positive is key to a happy life.
8. it’s okay to feel a little lost - it’s okay to not have everything together right now- pray, be positive, and look forward to your future- live in the moment and enjoy every moment. 
9. don’t be so afraid everything in your life will work out the way it is supposed to- just be patient.


what about you - 
if you could tell your younger self anything, what would you say?
on another note, 
sending birthday wishes today to a very special friend today
happy birthday, anna! 
thank you for being the most incredible friend, colleague, confidant, lover of life
-your soul is so sweet and you make me laugh daily-
thank you for always loving me and for always being there for me when i need you most. 
enjoy your day!


  1. These are such great life lessons, if only we would've known them earlier. But what you said couldn't be more true; the events that happened in our past to our more naive selfs shaped us to who we are today. Thank God for that. And thank God we are no longer living in the past.

    I love this letter Nelle. So glad I found it today :)

    1. You're are so sweet, Mary! I am so glad you enjoyed it and yes, thank you God. Loved your post today as well… fantastic! Hope you are having a great day!!

  2. What a great idea! I need to write to my younger self too.. I wish we could read it back then! haha. Great life lessons you have down :)

    Neive xo

  3. I really like the last one. I know firsthand how scary it can be when you think that you have to be perfect all the time. Giving yourself freedom to live is great.

  4. I wrote one of these posts a few weeks ago and it was a little refreshing reading yours and seeing that I am not the only one! These tips are great, and now that you've learned them you can apply them to life. Also reading these encourages me more to be brave, take care of myself, and monitor who I let in my life. Negativity is a nasty companion!