back from st. louie | olive june

back from st. louie

i arrived back in charlotte late last night
due to some bad weather and a broken plane in atlanta
but back safe and sound
after one incredible week.

here are some pre-wedding snapshots from last tuesday and wednesday
i was able to spend time one on one with my sister
organizing and getting ready for the big day
and then with my family as well-
absolutely loved it.

here is the video i made for the rehearsal, shuttle buses, and reception: 
Jess and Bassey
tuesday evening in the airport- starting to relax and celebrate! 
wedding prep: 

the central west end, the spa {my sister treated my mom and i with a massage}
 & whole foods love
 mr. and mrs. eno-idem!

their smiles say it all. 

lots more j & b wedding 
coming your way soon…


  1. looks like you had a blast. The joy on their faces after the ceremony (I'm assuming) is priceless. There's no denying love like that. Plus I love how they listed their favorite things I do for guests that weren't local. Fantastic idea!

    1. it was a blast and you're right- it's all in the smiles- they never stopped and it was so genuine. thank you so much- it was a wonderful time and I also loved these little cards as well- we tied them onto the hotel bags ;) thank you for your comments... xo

  2. Replies
    1. Awe- yes they are!! So fun and so special. Thank you so much for stopping in... I will def. check out your candle giveaway ;) thank you again and have a great day!