sunday love | olive june

sunday love

-i have spent the morning around the nest-
cleaning, organizing, wedding planning, and enjoying the fall air
this photo was taken last weekend 
after the wake 
we celebrated life at an irish pub
i snapped this of my brother and sister embracing-
a brother's love- so special. 
you all know how much i LOVE twine and twig style
here is their sunday morning love
i wore my new ohio state scarf to the buckeye backers bar, strike city, last night
it is always so fun to go there
living here for over 7 years- 
you see the same ohio loving people every time
and i love meeting new ones too!
even the guys loved my scarf/were writing down where to buy it for their wives. 
one even tried it on <3 
here is the link - ohio state infinity scarf
*available for many different teams*
after the game
mr. monaco and i sat outside 
at vida cantina 
where we went on our first date
-back where it all began-
and enjoyed some sangria and guac
i snapped this photo
adore our city. 
i also adore this fall porch idea-
cutting out your house number and stacking the pumpkins on top of one another...
thanks for the love regarding yesterday's post <3

hope your weekend is going well! 

-i would love to hear-

anything exciting happening for you?

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  1. That brother/sister photo is absolutely beautiful- so precious!
    I LOVE your scarf :)