oh hey. friday! | what i have learned from my parents | olive june

oh hey. friday! | what i have learned from my parents

today marks 33 years of marriage for my parents
i am so proud of both of them and what they have accomplished throughout life-
their love for one another is so powerful, affectionate, and respectful.
i am so glad to have been able to witness such a passionate relationship 
as an example of true love in my life. 

-in honor of them- 
here are five life lessons i have learned from my parent's love for one another... 
one: be quick to help. if a need in the community was articulated, my parents were among the first to be there. they set a healthy example from the very beginning that life is not all about getting… it’s about giving.
two:  always work hard and express gratitude. to remember that gratitude is a blessing to be expressed both in good times and bad. my parents always displayed this- regardless of external factors. 
three: invite others and laugh often when you do. there are always others gathering at my parent's house- guests just walk right in -- i have always loved this concept of hospitality.
just come on in, make yourselves at home- and get ready for a late night of game playing, music, and laughing. 
four: love is best spoken and shown. words are important. but so are actions. my parents express love using both.
five: seek god, always forgive, serve & trust others - by seeking and always putting God first, i learned the importance of being optimistic and trusting the good in others - by forgiving and loving. 

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