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morning moments

mr. monaco and i strolled through noda- the arts district- in charlotte this morning
i had the skinny puppy omelet at jack beagles 
 while we watched the bengals play on tv 
it was so nice and relaxing. 
i spent a lot of this weekend trying to be productive around the nest, reading, nannying,
and reflecting/praying … 

which made me ponder… 
how do we know that God is listening? 

i try to consider the following: 

-- the desire grows stronger every time

-- it agrees with Scripture

-- the idea comes to you while praying

-- it involves an element of risk or faith

*what about you… 
what are your thoughts?  


  1. i am going to have to get that scripture up in my house somewhere --- your pictures are gorgeous and I have been making it a point to pray pray pray a lot more often.. seems like it is SO easy to forget to!

    1. I couldn't agree more and thank you SO much for your kind words- I am excited to follow you as well! Have a great week <3

  2. Sounds like a glorious morning walk together!

  3. love your thoughts here! I love writing out my prayers in a journal and sometimes I write back His words to him.. a few psalms.. it just gives me a sense of realness, if that's the right word, that God IS there with me.. God is good.. and what a pretty town! :)

    blessings xoxo

  4. Great post! Sounds like such a lovely day :) I love your photos too!