the monacos move. our first home {week two} | olive june

the monacos move. our first home {week two}

willow love 

-lots of updates on the future nest- 

in just two weeks, the progress went from this:
{august 8}


{august 24}

today was the first day of school! i thought it went really well~
 i am excited for year 8 <3
mr. monaco surprised me with flowers during my last block class 
he knows how to make me smile.
and then while i was working after school
a student from last year came in and thanked me for everything i taught him
he said he felt prepared- so precious. 
 relaxing with pierre before day two~
i hope all of your kids are off to a great start this year 

parents and teachers too! 


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    1. I know, right?! Love. It's for sale on etsy :) follow the source if you are interested!! So cute. Hope you're well!

  2. How exciting! We're just starting the process of buying our first home (wish we could build our own small house, but finding land for sale out here with utilities anywhere near ready to hook up is just about impossible). I look forward to reading about the continued new home adventure!