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oh hey. friday {july 11}

one: a new farmer's market in noda - adore this area and can't wait to visit regularly: 


Event: NoDa Farmers Market

Location: The Evening Muse/The Daily Press

Day: Every Saturday

Time: 10am-2pm

Payment: Cash or Credit accepted
Drinks: Café & Bar Open


two: speaking of farmers- i feel so grateful to have been introduced to these two blogs this week and to be participating in my very first- oh hey. friday- hosted by karli at farmer bell and amy at  the farmer's wife. being able to grow up in the country and explore my grandparent's farm as a kid are two things that i am proud of and never take for granted. i love living in the city as an adult- the diversity, the opportunities, and the constant new things to do and see - however, my heart is always in the country - i miss it often. however, i know God sent me here for a reason~ to experience this part of my life. i love our eclectic and lively neighborhood- so much. would i trade it for a farmhouse in the country? -- quite possibly. esp. an old, cute, vintage one. i actually dream about this experience often and picture carefree beauty and all the things in life that are important. --because i miss the sunsets, peacefulness, fun/drama free people, the games, rows of corn 'knee high by the fourth of july', the campfires, and time spent on the lake. already loving their fabulous posts, experiences, and feel inspired by meeting both of them- meeting new bloggers/readers is what i love most about blogging- especially welcoming farm-gals like these two- please go check them out for some 
genuine (and funny) country love.  
three: don't forget to enter my current giveaway - in honor of lots of new moms... great for a gift or for yourself- all are welcome to enter here: car seat cover and nursing cover

ps: these are my two favorites- marilyn and #4!! 

four: a love note - i received this sweet message from a previous student yesterday morning and it truly warmed my heart. 

Good Morning, Ms.Wolf!

I just wanted to take this moment to share with you that I have been keeping a daybook and writing every exciting thing, every tragedy that happens in my life, along with just my personal feelings. I also write a lot of poetry and I owe it all to you. You encouraged me to keep writing, all those sticky notes you'd leave with comments on my daybook made me feel like my writing could have an affect on people and I'd just like to thank you so much! Because of you I would never know how much passion I have for writing. I am also reading a lot now a days .. thanks to John Green!

*two passions of mine. passing these on …
 means everything to me*

five: how fun are these mini neapolitan cakes from style sweet?!  i just love them and would def pick the pink one on the left! 

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