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my sister's bridal shower

 on june 21, 2014 (her 29th birthday) i hosted a bridal shower for my dear sister, jess 

it was at my aunt and uncle's house in minster, ohio - a beautiful 75 degree summer day! i shared some photos the week of june 23 - but here are many more! 

in the end, my sister always appreciates everything i do for her and i love her more than anything ~ her reaction, our guests who came (many from very far away), and how much fun we had that day (and night)- made the months of planning all worth it. 

a special thank you to the meirings for allowing us to turn your house into this… and for all of the help! my (always calm) dad and helpful brother were too much- along with everyone else (so many of you) my mom, aunts, uncle jim, mr. monaco,  friends, cousins -  thank you so much. 

the rolling pin was one of the gifts I have to her 
handmade in poland and arrived that morning! 
it says 'homemade with love by jess' … 



rachel's cakes- located in anna, ohio made the aMaZinG cakes 
she's an artist and planning on featuring her soon on simply love- so sweet to work with! 
jess always loved popcorn tins growing up- chicago style 
so i planned out a popcorn bar … it was hit. 
the printables- etsy
tins- garden ridge/home goods
popcorn- amazon (it was delicious!!) 
dessert bar 

guests dropped off their favorite recipe when they walked in...
i had gray/white chevron organization tabs inside the recipe box (one of my gifts for her)

 the favors were k.hall vases (made in st. louis) vintage handkerchiefs, coffee with a tag that said - 'the perfect brew- thanks a latte for coming' and a gold tipped feather   
date night ideas on wooden spoons 

 each guest read a mad lib when she opened their gift (i feel like this makes it so much more personal) along with a few 'how well do you know jess and bassey' games 

 "i carry your heart with me -- i carry it in my heart."

this piece was a surprise gift from bassey- back during their cincinnati days. 
when i put the mirror up that week - 
there was a cute note from him (from several years ago) on it. 

~thanks so much again for all the love and messages ~ 

i love you, jess, and hope you had the best time! 

cheers to the soon-to-be bride -- the future mrs. eno-idem! 


  1. What a fun shower, down to every last detail! Makes me want a sister to see how much LOVE was put into this shower! As a wedding & event planner from OH not living in Charlotte, I'm impressed! BRAVO!

    1. awe- thank you so much!! I really appreciate it and had so much fun doing it for her … thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some love! <3

  2. Oh my goodness. I LOVE everything about this!! And I know just how much work goes into planning a party. You rocked it girl!! Wanna head to Idaho to help my hubby with my 30th bday party!? Ha. I'm sure he could use a little bit of your touch. :)

  3. This is seriously the prettiest shower ever! I'm pinning this for later because I will DEFINITELY be using this as inspiration for my best friends shower!

  4. Amazing detail. You definitely gave me some inspiration for the shower I'm planning soon.

  5. What a Pintrest Perfect Wedding shower! So beautiful!
    Thanks for following me :)