monacos do st. simon's island - our trip: | olive june

monacos do st. simon's island - our trip:

i have a feeling this was our first of many trips to st. simon's island, georgia - it was so lovely and we fell madly in love with the entire experience- the friendly people, the food, where we stayed, the beach, the shops… our time together.  one of the reasons why we love living in north carolina is how beautiful it is/the seasons/being close to the mountains and the beach- but the quaint and historic cities close to us are all so incredible. i feel so lucky to live here and to be able to travel to so many places that i just simply love.      
here are some snapshots from our anniversary trip:

… mr. monaco wrote this on the table while we enjoyed a nice italian dinner -
it was butcher paper :) 

the people in st. simon's were the SWEETEST, most friendly people- everywhere we went. 
at the boardwalk by the beach, the owner gave us a free moon pie ice cream treat in honor- it was phenomenal or as he said, "isn't that just bad to the bone?!" oh, it was.

on sunday, we sat on a cute patio and enjoyed coconut shrimp, fried green beans (delicious) and watched costa rica win a world cup game- where we went on our honeymoon - so exciting!! 

the path at our inn was seashells… 

we rented bikes on sunday morning and explored the beautiful island… so fun
lady things

so in love with the cute inn and pub we stayed at- old and quaint and full of character:

my in-laws surprised us by sending champagne to our room- so nice!! 
thank you, mom and dad m! 

spending some time talking at the pier
<3 this quote 

thank you st. simon's… the monacos will be back!! 

hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend- we are excited to be in charlotte and can't wait to celebrate with good friends-
 and can't wait to share the rest of the bridal shower with you soon!!

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