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happy 2 reese ~ a popsicle and painting celebration

today i have the honor of sharing an adorable, thoughtful, and extremely creative birthday party for the cutest two year old, reese. in honor of her second birthday today, i wanted to share the special party with you all. i just love her mom - we grew up in neighboring small-towns in ohio and even though we have known one another for a long time (our cousins married one another- so small-town, i know.) and our parents are friends, it has not been until the past few years that we have connected through social media. i just love, love, LOVE her photos and posts and we often share ideas and websites- i wish we lived closer. thank you, sweet jenna for allowing me to share your lovely party… 
happy second birthday, reese!! 

-they live in downtown cincinnati- 
love that place. 
a popsicle and painting party for the two year old and her family/cousins 
the invites are beyond cute- you did an incredible job!! 
one adorable set-up
so obsessed with the cake!!
{and the gold glitter topper and gold candles}
i had the same balloon for my sister's shower- so fun. 

she's too cute for words.

popsicles with cousins 
and dad :) 

 jenna purchased adorable popsicle tattoos for the party at tattly 
i plan to share her first birthday 
'oh the places you'll go' 
a baby boy shower
and my sister's bachelorette party 
next week
so please check back in! 
thank you so much again, jenna!

i just adore your little family and your appreciation for beauty and the little details in life

i hope reese has the best birthday today!!

happy 2!

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