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five on friday {july 4}

one: i keep reminiscing about our honeymoon in beautiful costa rica- exactly one year ago this week… the people, the countryside, the beach - all the excursions and activities we did daily. it was incredible and we are thankful for the experience. we did a hanging bridges tour, hot springs, and traditional costa rican dinner in a hut last year on the 4th!  

 two: i could walk around anthropologie daily and just take photos… the beauty. <3 

three: we continued to receive love from our wedding party this week- again, can't say enough about how amazing they were then- and now. cards, messages, texts, and i woke up to this surprise on our porch this week… thank you, anna and oliver! it's perfect. 
 a book in the shape of a M :) 

four: they were filming a movie/show right out of our front door this week- so cool.

five: so proud of my country. happy birthday, america! 
land of the free- home of the brave. 

wishing you a safe and fun holiday weekend… 

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