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bachelorette box invites + a guest post

my sister's wedding festivities continue… her bachelorette party will take place next weekend in lovely charleston, south carolina {our favorite}. in honor, i sent out these fun little box invites to ten girls… as a thank you for dedicating their time and money to come celebrate the beautiful bride- the soon to be mrs. jessica eno-idem!!  most of the contents were purchased on etsy and some of them i already had from previous events. so i compiled these little treats and sent them on their way- to ohio, to alabama, to south carolina, to north carolina, and to illinois! i received lots of thank you's and lots of love back- which wasn't necessary!!

 so glad you all loved them… 

8 days and counting! 
in march, i sent out these paperless post invites to get an idea of who would be able to come- a save the date- in other words. i use paperless post- all.the.time. it's become even better over the years- lots of great designs! and the perfect way to say hi or thank you. 

i just LOVE turnip creations on etsy- go check them out!! 
reasonable, quick , and great to work with! 

also, very exciting news today - 

amy at the farmer's wife {love it}
did a guest blog post about simply love today!! 

thank you so much again, amy! 

go check it out - here

and soul sisters- without a doubt, agree.


  1. What an awesome feature on The Farmer's Wife blog! You totally deserve the praise, and a fun new pal!

  2. Oh, and the bachelorette boxes are adorable...per usual.

  3. Loved mine! So excited for what is sure to be an amazing, memorable weekend!


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