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a queen city anniversary- to seven years in charlotte!

seven years ago today, i moved to charlotte from columbus, ohio on a beautiful 75 degree summer day.  although columbus was nice, charlotte instantly developed a soft spot on my heart. four houses later, three amazing city neighborhoods, seven years of teaching kids, many, many wonderful friends-- who are like family, marrying my ideal husband, and countless memories- another incredible year in the books. i am not sure why my path led here- 2006 & 2007 seemed to be a whirlwind and i seemed to be lost at times - but i know now that God led me here for a reason. seven years later, i feel much more confident, independent, healthy, spiritual, calm, and very happy. sometimes it's hard, but i am glad i listened to my heart. i feel like every early 20 year old should do the same thing if they can - yes, it's scary- all a mystery- but a way to learn so much about yourself- to grow. 

here are my top ten reasons why i love living in the carolinas. 

1. being close to the mountains and the beach - quaint historic towns in both places… full of charm. {and so close} we hit up both several times a year. being from the midwest, i never take this for granted. it's such a lovely state.                    
2. the weather~ all four seasons {so important to me} summer can be a little harsh, but winter makes up for it- maybe snow once or twice (which makes it beautiful) and nothing says amazing like the season of fall -- it's beautiful and lasts even longer than up north. the trees, crisp air, pumpkins, football - how many more days?                                                                    
3. lots of creatives - so many great people i have been able to meet, who share the same creative (simple beauties in life) mind-set and appreciation that i do…  
4. hot yoga. this practice has changed my life in every.single.aspect- 
in the best way possible.  there's something so powerful about calmness.          
5. cafes and coffee shops- my other oasis. 
6. the whitewater center full of outdoor activities- including white water rafting, zip lining, rock climbing, paddle boarding & mountain biking- with live music. could it get any better?!
7. it's a young, vibrant, clean city 
8. amelie's french bakery - eclectic french decor, delicious parties, tea, coffee, soup, croissants - swoon. 
9. outdoor patios, rooftops, festivals, and events 
10. just a car ride away from home - it's a simple 8 hour trip back to my hometown - which brings  a lot of comfort to me. i am comfortable doing it on my own and that is really important to me. 
although i love living here, the people up north hold that place in my heart. <3 
thank you for all who have been there for me- 
who have encouraged, who have visited, who have kept in touch,
who have challenged me to grow 
and most of all, 
to my incredible parents
who never once questioned my decision…
always supporting my choices and for always believing in me. 
by believing in me-
i feel like i have been able to soar.
and am forever grateful. 

thank you, mom and dad
and thank you, charlotte! 

i have been able to find who i truly am by living here 
cheers to seven amazing years...
looking forward to many more 'queen city years' 

picking my sister up from st. louis soon at the airport

-she loves charlotte too- 

spending a few days together here before heading to charleston, sc 
{see the perk here- if you've never been there- GO!}

 bachelorette party time for my sister with friends!! 


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  1. Oh wow, I don't think this post could have came at a better time for me.
    I just posted today about this strong urge I've been having to leave my hometown after being here my entire life
    I have 3 kids so it's no easy decision. I'm just held here by guilt and fear but know I'll regret it years down the road. I feel like I'm 30 so it's now or never!