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happy father's day, to my dad!

-i think the quote above sums up my thoughts about my dad- 
he is the most hard working, respectful, humble, witty (in his own way) and caring dad-
…and one of my biggest blog readers...
who always has time for all of us
who continues to challenge us to become better people
who has taught us high morals, values, and the importance of strong faith
who believes that we can achieve anything at all in life 
who puts family first and shows respect to women
who never speaks negatively about others 
who always welcomes all into his home - along with an omelet of choice in the morning!
who taught us to always have passion and love for your favorite sports team 
who has been a guiding patriarch, leader, and teacher to all three of us
someone i am so proud to call- my dad. 

thank you dad for everything you do for all of us! 

we all love you very much. 

"to deserve a hug every morning and butterfly kisses at night"
ohio state. northwestern game (in honor of uncle bo) 1937- go bucks! 

i hope we share half the amount of love, affection, respect, and travels as you and mom have throughout the years! enjoy your day in nyc with mom can't wait to see you soon and celebrate- maybe even with a butterfly kiss and cigar. 
miss and love you every day, pops… 
then and now 
wishing all dads a very happy father's day 
enjoy your day! 

also- thank you to you all- 
for 60,000 views on simply love-
 i am simply blessed to have connected with many of you 
and truly appreciate all the love. 

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