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five on friday {june 13}

yay! friday. what a week - lots going on and year seven of teaching in the books but overall, when you have your health and your loved ones do to, there is not much that can bring you down. 

~ here are five things on my mind today ~ 

one: first, the obvious. 'simply love' has a new look :) i hope you like it. i have been thinking about doing this for a few months and really like the new features (still a work in process though) there are a few things that i hope to add and change, but feel like the new look reflects 'me' and my style a little more. i would love your feedback on the new header and social media icons on the left. if you ask mr monaco, my love for the color gray (it's my favorite) is extremely strong- so i decided to incorporate it into my header as well.  lastly, i am going to hopefully change the header photo collage regularly based on what is going on at the time. <3 

 two:  i can't get enough of twine and twig jewelry and their beautiful photos and products. {i wish i could afford them all} … the talented and creative owners, jacquelyn and elizabeth are both so sweet and i love following them! they were both extremely gracious to donate a beautiful coral trail necklace to our susan g. komen golf outing on june 2- thank you again!! 
*if interested, here is their website and facebook page - you should go follow!! 

this was taken about a mile from my parent's house… country living. 

three: counting down the days until my trip home to ohio. i have been feeling pretty homesick for my family and friends (miss- so much) lately and can't wait to see them all! celebrating with a girl's night wednesday, my uncle's wedding friday, and my sister's birthday and bridal shower saturday. i leave this tuesday :) 
'this midwest way of ease it surrounds me- i can't deny the rhythm here.' 
four: one of my favorites on instagram is nataliecreates - her organic, creative, country living, and incredible vintage farmhouse all speak to my soul. go follow her if you aren't already!! today, she posted a wonderful wedding gift idea {$10} 
*an amazing idea to put with another gift. 

check out her adorable blog and tutorial for this cute gift here:

five: summer is here and i plan to spend a lot of time reflecting and event planning at amelie's french bakery- along with lots of hot yoga, clean eating, and exercising.
please follow this journey on my other blog, simply blush!!

wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

ps: thank you all for the gender reveal party love. wow.

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