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congrats 2014 grads

enjoying some blackhawk pandora and a cup of coffee on a carolina summer morning. last night i attended a grad party for a previous student that i taught when she was in 7th grade {my second year teaching in charlotte} and it was so much fun! loved meeting so many great people, seeing old (amazing) students, and celebrating her accomplishments. it was quite funny-- throughout the party, several people there thought i was there as a fellow h.s grad- not bad for 12 days shy of 31.  ;)
i am so proud of her and the other grads i had the privilege of teaching in middle school!! 
in honor, here are a few photos from the last day of 7th grade - june 2009. 
*to the class of 2014- may you always follow your heart and always believe that you can accomplish anything! i am so proud of you all!   

                                                                                   with love, ms. wolf  

i got her a photo display organizer from paper skyscraper - along with a book that included a note and photos from 7th grade. the photo display is great for a dorm room- white sides and twine for the photos:

… it seems like yesterday that we were decorating for my brother, alex's, grad party {2010}
loved that weekend- a state baseball championship and celebrating all weekend- 
small-town style- with family and friends!  

~lots of fun going on today~

the farmer's market,  a coffee date, and going to see elton john with mr. monaco tonight! 

hope your weekend is wonderful!! 

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