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a gender reveal party- baby dull - part three

it's a… 
our gift for baby boy dull
 had to get him pee-pee teepees 
 our friends! so fun and loving 
jordan's sweet speech - he even mentioned 'simply love' :) 

zoe's kitchen catered most of the food- i would recommend! 

i had people dress in their prediction- pink or blue?!
since i knew what baby dull was- i wore a white dress with blue shoes and a pink belt! 

i put the gender reveal photo in the box with a b and a y to spell BOY with her belly! 

… stay tuned for the photo booth photos and notes tomorrow! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, this gender reveal party is absolutely amazing! I love all of the little blue and pink details. You can tell you spent so much time thinking up all these little things! Love this!


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