olive june: June 2014

monacos do st. simon's island

we had the best time celebrating and falling in love with the island. 

our hearts were so full from anniversary love!! 
a sincere thank you to all who sent love our way. 
we appreciated it - very much. 

i can't wait to share our experience with you all very soon! 
to one year old lemon wedding cake- still love the ruffles. 
and i read the book the orphan train this weekend and definitely recommend- 
the author's writing style is fabulous and i fell in love with the characters- 
i couldn't put it down and was so moved by the vivid display of american history 
 i really enjoyed it 

one year later

Today, on our first anniversary, I can confidently say that I am more in love with Mr. Monaco today than I was one year ago when we first said, "I do." in front of our closest family and friends~ it was the best day of our lives so far. I am so, so in love with my husband. I love being married to my best friend and biggest supporter. He is constantly showing me how much he loves me and is willing to go above and beyond to make our lives together better. Now that we have one year of marriage under our belts, I can very much admit that I am looking forward to the coming years together even more. Although our marriage is far from perfect, it is awesome and it is full of love.

the monacos are off to…

st. simon's island
we are staying at this cute inn and plan to explore the island, relax, spend time together, eat a year old lemon wedding cake, enjoy some great food and drinks, & lots of beach time

very grateful to be able to spend our first anniversary on this beautiful island!! 

i am excited to share our trip with you all soon… 

five on friday {june 27}

one: thank you so much for all of the bridal shower love- wow. i plan to respond back to all of you very soon and appreciate all of the love. it was so fun to do and so fun to celebrate a special day for my deserving sister with family and friends. 
many more photos coming next week <3 
two: this homemade bouquet is so unique and fun. adore. 
Beautiful handmade bouquet

three: i walked to a new yoga studio in my neighborhood this morning called okra and it was lovely- such a cute coffee/gathering space and one relaxing class. 
it was nice to have a break from hot yoga… i love our neighborhood. 

four: this bloody mary by Honestly Yum. too much? never.

The ultimate bloody mary

five: essie's june color of the month - sand tropaz. 

thirty one

yesterday was my 31st birthday and it was one of my very favorites of all time- right up there with my 10th, 16th and 25th- the three that stand out the most to me. as a teacher, a summer birthday is pretty ideal and it was basically one amazing day. i woke up to a voicemail from my parents- they called at 7:12 am {the time that i was born} and sang 'happy birthday' to me. then at about 7:40, mr. monaco told me that he had a surprise for me - i was thinking breakfast, flowers, a book - it was a new iMac computer- something i have been saving up for for a long, long time. he set it up and had a photo from our wedding party/the bus on our wedding day as the background. i was beyond shocked and never saw it coming. i think he loves me- a lot. i spent the rest of the day at cafes, had happy hour with friends, went to a park uptown for live music, and then ended the night with drinks and dinner at soul - my favorite spot. i wanted to thank everything for the calls, texts, social media posts (over 250 on facebook- which really has a way of making a birthday special these days) gifts, messages - thanks so much for all the love. i felt it and feel so blessed and grateful for another year of fun, adventure, love and good health. 
here are some photos from the day… 

on sunday we celebrated with my family - a nice brunch in the country 

my sister gave me such a thoughtful gift and card:

my dad sent me this photo and said he was thinking of me all day… so sweet. 

the napoleon roll at soul - my all time fav.

a sweet card from my niece, taylor, in philly - LOVED. 

my babysitting kids gave me my favorite candle and sweet letters tuesday evening 
and then sent a photo yesterday with a message! 

thank you all again! 

you all really know how to make a girl feel very special.