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what will baby dull be?

a week from yesterday, mr. monaco and i are hosting a gender reveal party for my dear, dear friends kate and jordan - i have been planning it for several months and can't wait. 
at the moment, i am the only one who knows what baby dull will be- what an honor.
i love them both so much and can't wait for the big reveal- spending today doing a few prep items … should hopefully be fun! it's fun to do things for people who appreciate it and people who you know would do anything in the world for you! they will be incredible parents and i love this baby so much. 
girl or boy?! 

i took these photos of their cute family last sunday in freedom park 
*official facebook announcements y'all*

stay tuned for kentucky derby photos- it was a blast.

thank you, shealys!

-spending today at the wells fargo golf tournament in charlotte- 
i have gone almost every year i have lived here
today is the perfect day to enjoy! 

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