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love this shop and their story and wanted to share: handmade and vintage goods

For us, relationships are everything. Our wedding line celebrates them, our card line nourishes them, and our prints literally proclaim them. We’re directly inspired by our experiences as a family: quirky words exchanged at the breakfast table, places we dream of visiting, nostalgic knickknacks and the promises we’ve sworn to uphold come hell or high water.
Our hand-lettered designs are a collaboration; our style is a bit bold, playful, and intricate. We feed each card, one by one, into our 1800s Schneidewin & Lee press. We love the handmade process because no two pieces turn out exactly alike. The product our customers receive is completely original, from our hands to theirs.
This family business of ours is the result of a big dream concocted in a tiny apartment. We’re two opposites who happened to like great design and each other – a lot. When we started, Wednesday focused on wedding stationery and styling. After a quick identity crisis, we knew we didn’t want to be anything but ink on paper, so we launched a line of digitally-printed greeting cards. Last year, our lives totally changed when we brought home our true love, a press name Rosie. You thought we were going to say baby?
Before Etsy, we sold wholesale exclusively. It’s amazing how Etsy has supported and grown our wholesale objectives, along with direct customer sales. As we grow, we want to honor our relationships with our customers by crafting beautiful and evolving products for real life. We hope to be that friend you enjoy visiting over and over again; you can always bet that we’re going to put relationships before retail, people before production and humility above all.
All photographs by Ely Fair Photography 

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