weekend snapshots | olive june

weekend snapshots

adore k.hall's scent, moss - perfect for spring
i spent a lot of the weekend nannying some CUTE kids- love them all...
but also enjoyed some time at amelie's 
and then walked to peculiar rabbit saturday afternoon
for some appetizers and a beautiful view of the charlotte skyline
~brunch date to tupelo honey~

i enjoyed the dove commercial during the oscar's -
 which included a favorite of all time for me-
moon river <3

loved seeing twine & twig in my favorite design magazine- ballard designs 
great job to elizabeth and jacquelyn!! 
 spent sunday afternoon on our porch 
reading & drinking a few beers with mr. monaco
i love our little cottage-- so much
esp. for its location {adore}
& charm 
even better when it's 72 and sunny on march 2
love this city. 
 … started march's book choice :) 
*the foodie in me is loving it!
 hope you join in as well*

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