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swallow's heart

i am honored 
and so excited to share 
swallow's heart 
out of fairbanks, alaska 
with you
a collection of minimalist 
jewerly designs
<3 - so much.

bloom where you're planted.

*swallow's heart is a collection of minimalist nature-inspired & affordable handmade jewelry designs.
*the swallow is a sign of always returning home; the hope + mark of a safe arrival after a treacherous journey; a symbol of lifelong love to one. this is my heart.
*i am passionate about design, adventure, and people. my degree is in advertising + entrepreneurship and i love small businesses. i'm a north carolina native currently living in wild alaska with my husband and our two siberian huskies.

*my shop's motto is "bloom where you're planted." i have lived in north carolina, georgia, and alaska in the past two and a half years, so my shop is constantly evolving with each culture that i'm immersed in. i love becoming part of a new local handmade community
 and i'm here to bloom.

thanks for checking out my handmade shop! xo
beautiful laura 

~social media info~

Instagram: @swallows_heart // #swallowsheart
Facebook: www.facebook.com/swallowsheart 
Twitter: @swallowsheart

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so many cute earrings:

^i love this^

thank you, meghan curtis, for allowing me to share your beautiful work - so in love. 


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