happy valentine's day… | olive june

happy valentine's day…

to my first two loves 

and my biggest supporters-

i woke up on Valentine's Day 2008 
after a weekend in Charleston with my family
and my first one 'alone' in many years-
to a card and the photo above framed from my dad
it meant so much to me 
the card had a sweet note and then said
'this photo was taken in north carolina-
i think that smile says it all"
i love you, mom and dad 
you have both always been my rock 
teaching me to forgive, to be kind, and to work hard
and by always teaching me to fly
-and to be independent-
i am confident that i can 
i am so glad that my dad didn't see my dress prior- made this moment so special
this is a favorite photo from the wedding
he's amazing. 
 you both have my heart- always. 


  1. Thanks for your beautiful and colorful post. You look like a Goddess in your wedding dress and you dad's facial expression speaks better than any words! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Ahhh ... how much do I LURVE your blog??! Absolutely beautiful ... and your tribute to your Valentine's is utterly heart-melty.
    So glad I came to visit.
    the goddess Jacqui