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details of the love holiday~

for him:

i purchased this beautiful print 
a few months ago
i love the meaning behind the print 
mr. monaco and i both love the beginning of the movie, UP
so when i saw this-
i thought he would appreciate it 
when he opened in, he stared at it for about 3 minutes straight and even teared up a bit
i think he truly loved it. 
*i also got him a 90 min massage- which he has been hinting at for months*

*if you are interested in a print, here is the website: pen and paper lettering
{go to contact and email katie & hayley- they are both in college and are super sweet)

for her: 

beautiful white roses 
which symbolize my grandma wolf's gentle soul in my family
and a dinner at the new/AmAziNg nan and byron's in southend

beers at common market 

 hope you had a wonderful holiday! tomorrow i celebrate friendships 

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