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roadtrip love

i spent today in cincinnati 
with my mom and sister
wedding planning, a nice lunch at tellers, and some coffee emporium love
it was lovely 
heart this city. 
tim and i love roadtrips- 
hot tamales, coffee, good music 
and last night we discovered that playing games and surveys 
courtesy of
is the perfect way to make an 8 hour trip 
way more fun 

for example, 
have you done the survey- which city should you actually live in?

 my result: 
yea- this has me written all over it. 

portland anyone?
comment below with what city you receive/if it's accurate according to the description. 

mr. monaco received new york city 

… but for now a little more country living and then back to charlotte :)

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  1. I got Los Angeles?!?! I lived in Southern California in 6th grade, and I missed having 4 seasons. But warm weather all the time could be nice! By the way, Portland is where barre3 was founded...just a little fun fact for you. Hope you're having fun in Ohio!