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a simply love book club launch + surprise dinner for hubbie

As you may or may not know I love reading! It all started the when I was very young- my mom used to read books to me whenever she could- especially nightly. That, along with many trips to the local library {i rode my bike all over that town- but the library was my favorite} along with bookstores {my ultimate serenity- how i spent today- the smell, the history- the atmosphere} and then a 1st and 3rd grade teacher who really sparked and enriched my love.  I absolutely fell head over heels in the love with reading, and it's turned into a lifelong love. 

Probably many of you have a similar story. 

Do you remember the first book you stayed up through the night reading because you just couldn't put it down?
During the last three and a half years, I have been a part of a book club. It's a time to catch up, drink wine {of course}, reflect and analyze the book together - no matter how crazy the month is, this is a time to relax and just enjoy.  I am very lucky and thankful for these things! But I wanted to make a small goal in 2014: to share this love with you all—like actually make time for it, rather than just waiting for the free time to appear. It's worth it. 
And that's when i hatched this idea: start a simply love book club! 

Here's how it works: Every month we read a book. 

Just one book a month. Nothing that scary. I will announce the book at the very beginning of the month (or as early as possible) so you will have a little time to buy, download or check the book out from your local library. We try to have variety; reading different authors and subject matters as often as we can, but almost every book will be a for-fun read. At the end of every month, I will host an online discussion of the book on the blog. You should totally join in! If we select something you've already read, you are still very welcome to join in and connect at the end of the month. I will share photos from our meeting with you and can share what we talked about in person on the blog as well. We take turns hosting- I hosted october's  gathering this year. 
So are you in? In January we will be reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I already got my copy. You should get yours. Do it. Do it. (That's me cheering you on.) Let me know below… it's going to be fun!

mr. monaco and i are spending this evening reading together {i am starting the book now…} following a nice dinner that i surprised him with… loved cooking barefoot in the kitchen today- to norah jones~ wearing my apron- i made him sun dried tomato angel hair pasta with mushrooms, onions, sausage, and feta- xo.

i used our wedding wine and the two beautiful glasses {from anthropologie} 
he gave me for christmas- they are just perfect. 

it was really nice 
to talk about my dreams 
{there are lots}
-knowing i have the most supportive husband possible-
which is why i did this for him
and it has been four long days of extreme pain 
my neck and rib were out of place
all better now though
thanks to dr. bryan mozingo 
can't say enough about him.
*and can't say enough about mr. monaco's patience* 
j + t 


  1. I'm in for book club...I'll get the book this weekend! I am such a TV junkie and seem to always have the TV on, even when I'm not even really watching it (I blame USA network and their frequent Law & Order: SVU marathons (LOVE that show). I need something to force me to turn it off and pick up a book...this might do the trick!

    1. yay!! so excited- hope you love it and thank you for joining - should be fun! you are the best, rachel