olive june: January 2014

snapshots of the week - around the house

some of my favorite gifts from my mom and sister ^
<3 to do lists 
lots of organizing, cleaning, and laundry- loved my snow day! 
hope your week went well!


j & b engagement party

On Saturday, January 18, Tim and I traveled to my hometown in Ohio for my sister and her fiancé, Bassey's, engagement party. My parents and I threw the party and we all truly appreciated everyone who traveled - esp. those that came far (in lots of snow and wind) to come celebrate. Most of the decor was either from around my house or from etsy. Everyone was so caring and kind about the decor- thank you. :) I loved doing it.  However, the night was all about their love and about meeting & celebrating with everyone … and celebrate we did!! I loved meeting all of Bassey's family and friends :) All so nice, fun, and loving. Here are some photos (mainly of the decor) ... once the party started, I really wanted to enjoy the evening! Thank you mom and dad for allowing me to turn your Ohio State themed basement into a little piece of Paris. xo 
Can't wait for 10.11.14 

the invites were designed by Meg Alyce of MegCreativeDesign
(ironically, we discovered that we grew up about 25 min a part) 
but she did an amazing/job was great to work with - so, so sweet!! 
*i printed a small wallet size photo of the proposal 
and a small tag from etsy for the registry info to attach*

lots of good food!! mom did a great job setting this all up… 

sangria bar details: 

<3 her

uncle jimbo and i 

our card- from tim and i- was typed onto the first page of this 
coffee table book of st. louis
the guests signed aMaZinG - some quite funny and some sentimental- messages inside 

salsa bar 
all you need is love and a good cup of coffee
…we set up a larger coffee bar as the night went on… 
cigars and scotch in the garage 

my best friend 
she was SO appreciative - 
which i why i never minded any of the work i put into the party!! 

our sweet gram - she's so beautiful and brought the BEST gift. 

set up pics 

-everyone loved the sangria bar- 
my dad helped me SO much/was so supportive of my crazy ideas. 
thank you to everyone who came to celebrate these two 

 ross and oliver were pretty tired from the party the next day!