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what i learned in 2013~

1) January. This isn’t exactly life-changing, but…
…oh, who am I kidding? Yes it is. pinterest and blogging {simply love's one year birthday on 1.12 is quickly approaching} have both totally changed my life. because of you- the people. thank you. 
2) February. hot yoga has changed my life over the past 5 years- my 40 day challenge proved this~ re-confirming the power of serenity, calmness, and a sense of being. healthy living is also a priority for my year to come … along with my skin. 
3) March. forgiveness is powerful and the importance of letting people be the people they are- i really try to avoid judgement and overpowering opinions at all costs. 
4) April. that true beauty has nothing to do with how you look.
5) May. my hometown friends will ALWAYS be there for me- a great trip to Savannah proved that. {despite really busy family lives/kids} also, lucky to have some very special charlotte friends… & thankful for my sister, who was the BEST maid of honor possible- thank you. 
6) June. I married for love <3
7) July. Costa Rica is a beautiful country - full of animals, breathtaking views, and very friendly people. 

8) August. This is sadly {usually} my least favorite month- hectic with back to school madness and extrememly hot- but I love to look forward to the fall and a trip to the beach was lovely. 
9) September. hard work really does pay off. passed down for generations in my case … with love and with my paleo challenge {lots of work- but so worth it}

10) October. where to even begin? I learned how the concept of "being myself" isn’t as cliché as I once thought.
11) November. so thankful for many things- my health- most importantly.
Picture 093

12. December. this past month I’ve been reflecting on the year, and – to be honest – it was a favorite in many ways. however, i have so many dreams and things i would love to do in life - the sky is the limit {my mom always told me this} and i won't stop at any cost- i am very excited to see what the future holds. 
happy 2014 

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