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diy party hats

Party Hat_1

Supplies:  Yarn, paper mache cone (from a craft store), white elastic cord, paint/spray paint to decorate your hats.
Party Hat_2
Step 1.:  Create a set of yarn pom poms to place on the top of your party hats.  
You can see the full tutorial for creating yarn pom poms here
Party Hat_3
Step 2:  Decorate your hats however you want.  I decided to keep mine simple and just add a little white paint.  For the polka dot hat, I just stuck on circular stickers, spray painted the hat, and peeled off the stickers after the paint was dry….revealing the cardboard.
Party Hat_4
Step 3:  Poke a hole on each side of the hat with a nail (or whatever works!)  Measure out the length of elastic cord that you want and thread it through the holes on either side of the hat.
Party Hat_5
Step 4:  Using a glue gun, attach your yarn pom pom to the top!  Enjoy!

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