currently loving ~ | olive june

currently loving ~

tealights and globes...

fresh air and my hunter boots...
almost all the leaves are gone - a few left to hold onto for 2013 (one amazing year) 

pretty advent calendars.. more ideas coming soon!

cheesy christmas films...

 blankets, while reading other blogs, with cozy toes.....

my Pandora playlists...

current favorites

norah jones (always)
the avett brothers
billie holiday 
blackhawk <3
ingrid michaelson

*pretty sure i usually listen to pandora at least 80% of the day -
 my students love it just as much- usually jack johnson in the classroom 
{the vitamin string quartet is also amazing for more quiet/independent work}
 pandora- it's the first thing i do when i wake up/get home from work
so grateful for music 

photo from decking the nest 

weekend plans
*this weekend consists of errands, three charity events - the matthews' holiday stroll with my students today, the jingle bell rock uptown tonight, and then wrapping gifts for kids tomorrow :) along with another pottery barn class tomorrow morning (loved the last one - so much) and wrapping, shopping, & preparing for next week~ 
 might just be the busiest in quite some time… but excited too! 
trying to live this month/life to the fullest- always.

lastly, go bucks!!
praying for another singing of carmen ohio 

the people- the tradition- the excellence.
i miss it. 

win or lose - i will always support the entire season

source: cocorosediaries

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