turkey day love | olive june

turkey day love

happy thanksgiving 

loving my time at home
in the country 

we just finished a turkey trot- a scenic route through the woods and then a nice 3 mile walk with my dear cousin, jenny - she's the best to converse with. 

currently enjoying my dad's famous omelets and a bloody mary at the moment

so much to be thankful for ~

a re-cap of my thankful thought challenge 

1. a weekend at home with my husband 
2. a cold lavender towel after a sweaty workout 
3. my loving husband  
4. the time i had with my uncle bo  
5. my incredible parents 
6. two awesome siblings- more than i could ever ask for. 
7. reflecting through journaling
8. i am thankful for this blog, which has given me an outlet to write & share~ and i am thankful and humbled by those of you that read it. 
9. my health 
10. trips to the market and mani/pedis 
11. my beautiful country.
12. wine & paper 
13. books & bookstores 
14. my faith 
 15. femininity 
16. the simple pleasures in life          
                           (esp.  on a crisp saturday morning) and only being alone when i want to be. 
17. all things vintage 
18. i am thankful for the first sunny day and the first rainy one.
19. color. 
 20. i am thankful for the right song at the right time
& for audrey's inspiring demeanor and class~
 heart her. 
21. coffee and calmness 
 22. the nest & my city 
23. sleeping in and skincare products
24. friends who are like family. 
*receiving snail mail*
and gatherings in the nest 
25. i am very thankful that i was always taught to say thank you, not just today but all the time- and every night before bed- since i could talk.  

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