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hello yoga challenge, a gift, a new lulu store and thankful thoughts

my november yoga challenge began today... 

 it's not too late to join me... :) all are welcome 

*any workout - not just yoga* 

my practice has been so sporadic since school started- walking in tonight (knowing that my yoga challenge was here) felt so good- it felt like i was back home- i know what's coming and it's going to be incredible. 
today's class: 90 min of hot deep stretch

teacher: daniel (a favorite) 

thankful thought of the day #1 - a weekend at home with my husband -  i literally don't know the last time this happened (and i usually remember dates rEaLlY well) with more laundry than ever to get done ... but rest and relaxation at the same time!
 so thankful for this! deep stretch tonight - and a trip to the grocery store for paleo ingredients- was the perfect way to start this weekend. 

one of my favorite parts about deep stretch is that there is music playing- 
all of the songs playing this evening were smilier to those on my two favorite pandora stations:
norah jones & the avett brothers

in particular- tracey chapman came on ... that made my soul happy~ 
there is just something about her aMaZinG voice: so powerful yet so soothing. 

hello gift giveaway~

i am so excited to annouce the winner of lululemon's 'the mat' ...
congrats to kara morris!!

i am so excited for you - a huge thank you to all who entered (thank you all- so much- i wish i had one for all of you!!) but when i pulled out her name tonight,  i was beyond excited because she is the amazing mom of two kids under two right now- adorable James and Samantha and is also the writer behind the blog: http://karemyandfriends.blogspot.com

i cheered with kara in high school and absolutely love her friendly and fun personality!!
her comment when entering: 
Hey Janelle! Okay I love my yoga practice because it has helped me find a center during life's most stressful times! The body awareness, breath control, flexibility and strength gained from yoga have all been assets in my roles as a wife, pediatric dentist, and parent -- especially the two medication-free labors and subsequent lugging around of my two beautiful babies! Can't wait to get them into yoga as children, too! :) Keep bloggin', sister!

how cute are they?!
& please introduce them to yoga, Kara ... you're amazing. 

I hope you enjoy 'the mat' as much I do... because I am in love.

 hello new lulu store ~ central west end - st. louis 
*today was the grand opening of the store in the central west end that my sister is managing - they have all worked so hard and i am SO excited for them all!! 
best wishes this weekend ... and enjoy the party tonight - it sounds amazing.

so proud of her and her/their hard work - the merchandise arrived just one week ago!! 
two weeks ago, when i was there, the builders weren't even done and now it looks like this~

*thank you to all who sent sweet messages to me today- you're right- my <3 was in st. louis. and if it wasn't for the 17 parent teacher conferences that i had booked, i would have surprised her today (i had plans of doing this in september- until i saw the date for ptc was 11.1. - would have loved to have been there to help and to celebrate in the central west end tonight- hope the kickoff party was a blast.)
if you are in st. louis- go check it out!! :)

& great night on the travieso porch last night for trick or treat

thank you for having us over - heart you all. 

especially this little boy. 

wishing you a fantastic weekend 

thank you for stopping in! 

photos of the morris': http://bluelily.squarespace.com

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