happy sunday- a great way to start this day! | olive june

happy sunday- a great way to start this day!

if you haven't seen this video, i recommend watching ....  i simply love this adorable girl! 

Listen as musical prodigy, 8, plays piano live on TODAY

“I want to be Alma, not Mozart,” said Alma Deutscher, a little girl from Britain with a talent that has been compared to the famous composer. Deutscher has already written two operas, and showed off her skills live on TODAY.


mr. monaco and i started our day with coffee, eggs, and bacon (paleo at its finest:)) 

to billie holiday's remarkable voice in the background - we <3 pandora around here. 

such a nice day in charlotte

spending it at home with my love- 

loving this staycation!!

... saying "no" to five invites has been hard for me- we gave up a trip to the renaissance festival, common market, connolly's, tin roof, and the panthers tailgate today- so hard.
 *but my body is loving every second of it! 

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