25 days of hot yoga and thankful thoughts- day seventeen | olive june

25 days of hot yoga and thankful thoughts- day seventeen

            today's class: 90 min of hot deep stretch 
          thankful thought of the day #17 -  all things vintage 

i spent yesterday exploring vintage love in my city~
 i was just so happy all day.

all pieces are around $4 - urban gypsy will be at petra's piano bar until 6pm tonight- 
if you love vintage clothing, i recommend going 
adult and cute kids (above photo) clothing as well!

love this beautiful woman - my co-worker krystil 
one of my dearest friends and a very faithful blog follower

so in my element. 
*i was so excited to find these plates- my grandma had them growing up*
they were $1 each :) 
the prices were great, loved chatting with the vendors, and so impressed with the items

i left the house at 10am and got home at 10pm - eventful day in charlotte!!


  1. We had plates like those too! I went to a vintage home decor shop yesterday and loved it! I saw so many things that I had (and took for granted) as a child. It's funny how those things are so rare and highly treasured now. I'm waiting to find out if I can purchase a china cabinet over the phone and make Mr. Palmeiro pick it up for me this week...I just can't live without it!

    1. hi love- loved your message and this comment- please get that china cabinet and add that shop to our list of things to do if i ever make it up there!! def would love to visit that shop! <3 hope you're feeling well

    2. I just bought it over the phone! The shop is only open one weekend a month so I was hoping and praying it would still be available in December when I drag Victor there...but then my gut just told me to buy it now because I might not be able to find anything else like it. Victor's in for a surprise when he gets home tonight and I tell him we need to pick it up next weekend!