olive june: November 2013

how firm thy friendship-

 o hi o 

if you are in the loramie area, please feel free to stop in over at timber ridge drive for a buckeye party… 

go bucks!

hail to the scarlet & gray 

turkey day love

happy thanksgiving 

loving my time at home
in the country 

we just finished a turkey trot- a scenic route through the woods and then a nice 3 mile walk with my dear cousin, jenny - she's the best to converse with. 

currently enjoying my dad's famous omelets and a bloody mary at the moment

so much to be thankful for ~

a re-cap of my thankful thought challenge 

1. a weekend at home with my husband 
2. a cold lavender towel after a sweaty workout 
3. my loving husband  
4. the time i had with my uncle bo  
5. my incredible parents 
6. two awesome siblings- more than i could ever ask for. 
7. reflecting through journaling
8. i am thankful for this blog, which has given me an outlet to write & share~ and i am thankful and humbled by those of you that read it. 
9. my health 
10. trips to the market and mani/pedis 
11. my beautiful country.
12. wine & paper 
13. books & bookstores 
14. my faith 
 15. femininity 
16. the simple pleasures in life          
                           (esp.  on a crisp saturday morning) and only being alone when i want to be. 
17. all things vintage 
18. i am thankful for the first sunny day and the first rainy one.
19. color. 
 20. i am thankful for the right song at the right time
& for audrey's inspiring demeanor and class~
 heart her. 
21. coffee and calmness 
 22. the nest & my city 
23. sleeping in and skincare products
24. friends who are like family. 
*receiving snail mail*
and gatherings in the nest 
25. i am very thankful that i was always taught to say thank you, not just today but all the time- and every night before bed- since i could talk.  

this midwest way of ease- it surrounds me- i can't deny the rhythm here

teaching school today and then driving to my hometown with mr. monaco 
(my first time there since march) 
to see some of my favorite people … 
her and her brother are just the BEST -
yet to see them ever be disrespectful, cry… anything. 
love you, jill mae 
and so proud of you!! 
 adore them all… such loving people

love the everetts and my incredible aunt judy- very much 
uncle bo- you will be in all of our hearts.
can't wait to hangout, relax, and spend thanksgiving together 
trending on this tuesday in my book: 
safe travels to all… 

and in honor of the everetts/aunt jude- a new take on our old family favorite- a rosemary bloody mary: 
Rosemary Bloody Mary (click through for the recipe!)
Rosemary is one of my favorite herbal scents ever. It's SO delicious smelling. 
Rosemary Bloody Mary (click through for the recipe!)      Rosemary Bloody Mary (click through for the recipe!)
Rosemary Bloody Mary, serves one
bloody mary mix (ZingZang is my favorite!)

fresh rosemary
1-2 ounces tequila
worcestershire sauce 
sea salt 

Fill the glass halfway with bloody mary mix. Add 1 ounce tequila for a mild cocktail or 2 ounces for a stronger version. Squeeze the juice of half a lime into the drink and save a slice for garnish. Add 1/2 a teaspoon worcestershire sauce. Stir all ingredients together, top off with ice and more bloody mary mix if needed. 
For the garnish (this is the fun part!) chop rosemary and combine with sea salt for a delicious and fragrant rim. Garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of rosemary. 
It's serious the best smelling cocktail I've ever made!
Rosemary Bloody Mary- click through for the recipe!!Rosemary Bloody Mary- click through for the recipe!!
enjoy, my bloody mary (/maria) lovers! xo. 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

25 days of hot yoga and thankful thoughts- day TWENTY-FIVE

                      today's class: 60 min of hot vinyasa power flow   

                  thankful thought of the day #25- 
       i am very thankful that i was always taught to say thank you, not just today but all the time- and every night before bed- since i could talk.  

                     …. it has changed the way I think about the world.

ironically, i received these two thank you notes from students today - so sweet. 

Ms. Monaco 

Dang. That's really the only word that comes to mind when I think about the level of dedication that you put into your work. Dang. 

The whole PowerPoint slide, agenda, having our deadlines on the board, putting up what we do in class, it's like triple the support of other teachers. And trust me, it pays off for your students. I always know what's going on in Social Studies- even when I miss a day. (thank you for keeping up with your wiki! a lot teachers don't do that.)

Going to class isn't half bad, either. The welcoming atmosphere of your room makes it easy to focus on what I need to be learning, and there are plenty of opportunities for tickets. 

Thank you for the extensive information, will to teach, and lots of resources available! We've got every thing we need; even library books! 

Everything about Social Studies is high quality and enjoyable. 
And I truly appreciate what you do for us! 

- Danielle 

*seriously- how sweet is this - dang:)*

-thank you to all who supported me during this challenge- 

a lot of late nights and a lot of showering… 
loved every second of practicing on my mat though! 

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