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wellness wednesday- my "be me" plan

 It’s easy for me to get caught up in what I think my goals, likes, and role in life should look like. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s the truth.
With that being said, since reflecting on my thoughts and goals a lot more than normal lately, I am a lot better at learning how to be true to myself. However,  because I can so easily get wrapped up in work and my tasks for the day…I have to make an active effort to implement things in my life that remind me to be ME.

--> this quote sums up my feelings over the past year- 
getting wiser y'all.  
So here’s a little list of things that help me to do just that. It’s definitely nothing outrageous
 – just simple activities that help remind me to slow down, be present, and remember to enjoy life.
- Start every day spending prayer and devotional time with God
- Take a 5 minute break to stretch and/or just relax
- Cook and bake new *paleo* recipes
- See my family at least every three months 

- Practice hot yoga (even at 6am) at least 3-4 times a week and run 1-2 
- Keep in touch with friends from home/college more - <3 you all. 
- Treat myself to a massage once a semester
- Journal at the start or end of the day
- Keep a running list/plan of vacations to take
- Have cozy movie nights at home with Mr. Monaco 
- Take more time to just enjoy being with him <3 he's a sweet one. 
- Research more vitamins to take daily and weekly farmer's market trips
- Take at least one day a week (or a few hours a day) to unplug from technology
- Make plans to get together with friends I don’t get to see all the time
- Visit the library more- like my good ole' ohio days 
- Let myself get lost in Pinterest more ...
Last, but not least, I think it’s important to be honest with yourself about the things you love, embrace those things, and do them as much as possible!
 It seems like as we get older, it becomes easier to push those things to the side and define ourselves based on what we do or what we think our role in life “should be.” While those things definitely are important, I’m learning that being true to myself and the things I love will actually improve my career, relationships, and everything in between…
*The idea of “being yourself” is one that I’ve always thought I understood. In fact, it’s one that I generally pass off as being quite cliché. But, recently, the concept of being true to myself has taken on a whole new meaning.
For the most part, I’ve always been pretty confident in who I am. Thankfully, it has never been difficult for me to embrace the good things about myself – the things I’m proud of, the things I like, and the things I’ve accomplished. Along with the support from my family - and other families in the village I am from; always encouraging me every step of the way.
 I can defiantly 'be me' there - thank you, Loramie.
But then there are…the other things. The things about me that aren’t necessarily bad, but ones that I’m not exactly proud of either.
*my (sometimes obsessive) organization/cleanliness within the nest and my classroom
*my extreme awareness of dates and observing people around me- I notice a lot almost everything- ask my students :)
*my love and desire for the simplest things in life, and wanting a (what many may view as) a simple future-- in a crazy world -- with a non-stop creative mind (that never turns off) i constantly strive for balance.

…Among other things.

I’ve definitely faced this more since moving to Charlotte because sometimes it feels like every move I make is being judged by those around me for being either “too much” or “not enough.” *however, not be the majority of those I know. What I guess I’m admitting to is that there are a handful aspects of my personality and who I am that I’ve tried to downplay or hide. Even though I try to embrace who I am as much as possible; they can still be present.  
That’s where I think just being yourself is the most important. It’s not only getting past the point of caring what others think, but it’s also getting to the point where you begin to love what you once viewed as an idiosyncrasy or shortcoming.
I’m not saying that there isn’t always room for improvement because there absolutely is. As a follower of Christ, living like He did is my ultimate goal-- so I can’t just take my shortcomings and brush them all off because “that’s who I am.” BUT – I’ve been learning how to take a closer look at what I think these so-called shortcomings are, and whether or not they’re so bad after all…

Do you feel like you’re fully true to being yourself? 

How would you define that?

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  1. Lovely Cousin- Thank you for this! Your post touched my heart and is a reflection of exactly how I've been feeling lately. So what I've done- Time Block! If you don't time block the activities that make you happy, they won't get done. For me I've time blocked painting into my schedule. It's been so fulfilling to pick up a brush again! Love you, hope to see you soon!