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twine and twig style launch party

on sunday october 20, i attended the much anticipated twine & twig style launch party - i was so excited to see all of their hard work and beautiful necklaces - and it did not disappoint. i am literally obsessed with every piece that they made/are selling- it's all so gorgeous. twine & twig --  sisters drawing inspiration from the origins of jewelry, combining organic materials to create custom pieces. go check out their facebook page for updates and more info. pieces will also be available at local charlotte boutiques. thank you both for the invite- i loved every second of it!! 

on wednesday night, i wore my first piece to go meet friends at amelie's - yay! 

cute baskets for holding at the launch 

i love the one in the middle - and the oyster shells 

another seller from etsy was there with fun/colorful pieces 
twine and little twig necklaces- i love. 

when we walked up, there were cute champagne glasses ...
amazing bags for purchases - t & t 

tyler and harper with their little twig necklaces- they're so cute


stay tuned for more updates - 

i am so excited for you both!! 

it was a great evening ~ you are both so talented! 

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