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twenty years in heaven

thoughts were sent up to heaven yesterday- 

april 16, 1925 - october 21, 1993

*i was ten years old when he passed and the memories are endless*

on the 20th anniversary of his passing- 
i prayed and i remembered. 

i still remember the way i felt when i found out- 
where i was, what i saw around me; the sadness in the atmosphere...
i often wish that he could have been there to see me grow up
to be apart of my journey-
however, the little time i had with him, was so memorable~ 
his personality so loving and contagious.

you are missed, grandpa! 

i am looking forward to the day when we explore the farm together again... 

photo courtesy of my cousin, kelly (<3 you)

you are near, 
even if i don't see you.
you are with me, 
even if you are far away.
you are in my heart,
in my thoughts, 
in my life-

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