traveling through the land of the pines... | olive june

traveling through the land of the pines...

tim and i are wilmington, north carolina bound 

for the austin-ernst wedding tomorrow!!

the groom has been my close friend since kindergarten-
when you go k-12 with 55 kids 
they become your family.
phil was a 'big brother' to me growing up ~
and i am blessed to still consider him one today.  

my parents were supposed to be there-
but have decided to stay in ohio 
to support my brother-
best wishes to my sister and bassey on their half marathon sunday 
we will miss all of you. 

i really need this weekend 
with hometown friends 
in my beautiful state- 
to relax and celebrate 
couldn't be more excited. 
safe travels to all! 

 ... wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

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