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the one you battle to be ...

this evening my heart is full for friendship
the kind that looks at you and sees you-
not for the things that you would define yourself as... 
but looks at you and sees you as the sum of those minute transformations you have experienced and are currently experiencing
who sees all that reigns down upon you to shape you
those things that are just plain brutal and hurt
who sees all those seemingly small triumphs in your character
as well as those grand achievements and blessings of joy
who knows you for the person you are
the person you battle to not be
and the one you battle to be. 

i loved every second with my hometown friends this weekend- so genuine, so kind, so fun~

gosh i love them- so much. 

... more photos from our fantastic trip to wilmington, nc coming this week!

congrats mr. and mrs. ernst! 

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