the future mrs. eno-idem ~ | olive june

the future mrs. eno-idem ~

is here in charlotte!!
i placed this gift basket in the guest bedroom to greet her yesterday... 
wine glass - $11.95 at waterfalldesigns
magazines, starbursts, a hydrangea, burt's bees, soap, glass, binder, and mug
i had the same binder last year from -  $21.95 and personalized :)
last night we walked to plaza midwood for drinks and tapas/sushi 

 soul- my favorite spot & rolls in town 
 as a thank you - for being such an unbelievable maid of honor in june ~
i bought her the coffee mug on the right  (missouri- <3 over st. louis)  ... 
and mine (north carolina- <3 over charlotte) is the mug on the left

... excited for the rest of the weekend!! 

on the agenda: 

- amelie's french bakery
- possibly the chantilly/plaza midwood chili cookoff/live music event 
- a bridal shower at vivace
- she will be trying on wedding gowns for the first time at hayden olivia :)
- bubble for some bubbly
- a birthday dinner for betsy at wolfgang puck in south park 

... and tomorrow:
charleston for the day!! 

sending birthday wishes up to ohio today - 
to two of my dearest friends - 
who were both in our wedding party
love and miss you both
and wish i could celebrate 

enjoy your day katie and nate!! 

katie putting on my garter 

love them both -such sweet friends to me since childhood 
so much fun with hometown friends at connolly's the thursday before the wedding... 
hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! 

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