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teaching the giver + surprises

Today was such an exciting day at school- in so many ways. However, something that never happens- happened. All teachers were given the hp hybrid laptop/tablet computer - we can take it to and from school and the web isn't restricted like in the past- where almost everything was blocked. I honestly never thought something like this would happen and so far I am in love with the device. I felt like we were shown appreciation and I was thankful- so nice. I am an apple/mac girl ... but it's pretty awesome :)  I can't say that I saw this coming... in any way... but I am beyond excited. What a nice gesture by our school district. Yay! for 21st century learning.  In addition, I facilitated the first 'art walk'  of the year in my classroom- in correlation to the novel, The Giver. It took place in my language arts class; where they were to display their version of an utopian society~  and it went so well. I was so proud of them... I love promoting creative thinking and get so excited when their projects exude effort, critical thinking, & creativity- all in one (especially for so many of my students who strongly dislike school - overall, 19 out of 22 did the project - and very well.) 

I usually play classical music during Art Walks - *the Pandora station, Vitamin String Quartet is perfect- string instruments to amazing cover songs :) 

loved this one: 

a look into other projects i have loved in the past: 

this is a quote (above) that my dad picked out for me in asheville, nc - love. 
in addition~ 
i surprised my incredible friend, anna, with some of her favorite things for her birthday: 
soup, a pumpkin spice (with a fun eco-friendly wrap from etsy) and two carmel salted brownies from amelie's french bakery ~
one for tomorrow and one to grow on <3
nelle 'wayne' wolf loves you. 

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