life is about using the whole box of crayons ~ on a blank journal | olive june

life is about using the whole box of crayons ~ on a blank journal

Sometimes life takes you for a whirl, and sometimes you just simply feel the impending whirl brewing. Currently I'm experiencing the latter. I love the fact that my life story is still unwritten, that there are pages and pages I have yet to fill, but sometimes I am easily overwhelmed thinking of all the decisions, the exhaustion and struggles that will fill each page. Isn't that amazing, though? Our God gives us this blank journal, a lovingly stitched together world, but then hands us the pen. With that, each of us receive the freedom to write the story. He allows us to move the setting, to change the characters, manage the conflicts, the romances, the development within those pages. But ultimately He's sitting right beside us as we pen, working steadfastly behind the scenes-- always there when we seek Him, always present within our hearts and woven so very intricately into our stories.

Lord, You are an truly artist, my most awesome creative Father. 
You simply overwhelm me. :)
there are so many things i yearn to do in this one life-
and i am certainly not going to settle
in any way :) 

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